John F. Kennedy – An Astro Portrait

John F. Kennedy

Natal Chart

Date:          May 29, 1917

Time:          3:09:00 pm/ 15:09:00

Time Zone:     5:00:00 (West of GMT)

Place:         71 W 07′ 18″, 42 N 19′ 54″

Brookline, Massachusetts, USA

John F. Kennedy Chart

John F. Kennedy Chart

According to Vedic astrology, John F. Kennedy was born with Virgo Lagna and Leo Moon. Lagna is Vargottama.

  1. He graduated from Chaote in 1935. He was also interested in sports. After medical disqualification by army due to his lower back problem, he was accepted in Navy in September 1941.
  2. At that time he was running major period of Mars and sub-period of Sun. Mars represents army/navy etc. In D10 Sun aspects Mars the 10th lord of D10. 10th Lord of natal chart is Mercury joined Mars in 8th house. In Navamsa 10th house is aspected by Mars. All this clearly explains his career in navy.
  3. On August 12, 1944, his elder brother Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. was killed. It was Vimsottari period of Rahu main period-Rahu sub period and Saturn sub sub period. Rahu aspects 11th lord moon while saturn is in 11th house. In Drekkana chart(chart of siblings) Rahu is in 12th house clearly pointing towards the event. It was chara dasha of Capricorn from where Bratrikaraka Moon is placed in 8th house confirming event.
  4. He got married on 12 September 1953, in major and sub period of Rahu-Mercury. In Navamsa chart (Chart of marriage) Rahu is in Ascendant while mercury lords ascendant. It was chara dasha of Pisces-Scorpio. Pisces is 7th house of his natal chart while from scorpio Venus and darakaraka Jupiter is placed in 7th house.
  5. First child born on 27 November 1957 in Vimsottari period of Rahu-Venus . Venus is placed in 9th house conjoined significator Jupiter. It was Chara dasha of Aries-taurus. Taurus contains Significator Jupiter and Putrakaraka Sun in it clearly confirms the event. In transit both Jupiter and Saturn were aspecting his 5th house activating the results of 5th house. This is double transit phenomena.
  6. John F. Kennedy was sworn in as the 35th President at noon on January 20, 1961. It was Rahu-mars period. Rahu is in 4th house which represents parliamentary/legislative/senate
    career. Mars in 8th house in his own sign causing ‘Vipareeta raja Yoga’ showing rise in career as he is conjoined mercury the 10th lord. Mars is in 11th house of dasamsa chart (D10).
  7. He was shot dead pn 22 November 1963, it was chara dasha period of Aries-Scorpio. Aries is 8th house of his natal chart! while scorpio is 8th from his Atmakaraka and Ascendant lord Mercury!

It was period of Jupiter-Saturn. Jupiter is lord of 22nd drekkana while saturn was lord of 64th navamsa from Moon. Saturn aspects 8th house of his natal chart and is 6th lord and is aspected by deadly Mars from 8th house. This mutual aspect between Saturn-Mars is the reason for his assassination.

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